Rouille 925 is the new luxury line of our established label

It stands out from the rest of the line in all of its features and characteristics.
The materials used are pure precious metals and the registered design is completely redesigned both in size and finish.
A new logo branding is introduced and imprinted in these special jewels, setting them apart from the base line and emphasizing this new luxury collection.
The making of this special project is completely "hand made in Italy".
Products are numbered and delivered with an authenticity card, complete of a serial number and original hologram.
Each jewel is accompanied by an elegant packaging and travel pouch.

The products of "Rouille 925" can be customized with initials engraved by hand, directly from our workshops.
These jewels, being made of pure raw material, are distinguished from Rouille's base line and are compatible with all skin types, even the most delicate. They are of unlimited duration in time and are designed to be worn daily. They are resistant to any type of water and any scratches will be easily removed only by polishing the jewel to its original sparkle.

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